Rules And Regulations

The Objective of The Business Club - is to provide its patrons a common platform for business, social, literary and recreational activities and to foster a spirit of wellness and camaraderie amongst them and ultimately to strive for the economic advancement of the state in general.

The members shall be entitled to all the facilities of the Club subject to payment of requisite charges if so applicable. The Authority reserves the right to suspend the use of any facility/facilities at any time for organizing activities or for maintenance or due to any other reason without necessarily assigning any reason.


  • (a) Members may bring their Guests to the Club after informing the Receptionist and paying the guest charges. The charges for various facilities may keep changing from time to time. Members are advised to ascertain the charges for the facilities they choose to use.
  • (b) Members shall always accompany their guests.
  • (c) Max four guests may accompany the member. A member has to take GM's priorapproval if guests are more than 04.
  • (d) Rights of admission are reserved strictly with the authority.
  • (e) Foul, loud or abusive language and unbecoming conduct is absolutely prohibited. Good conduct, gentlemanly/ lady like behaviour are expected from all.
  • (f) Under absolutely no circumstances any political campaigning etc would be allowed inside the Club premises.
  • (g) The Members may not be allowed to enter into the Club Premises if he/ she/ they do not carry the Membership Card.
  • (h) Detailed Rules pertaining to specific facilities are appended as appx.

4. Dress requirements:
The Members and their Guests are required to maintain appropriate standard of Dress on all Occasions, so that the standard and the decorum of the Club and its members are not offended. Minimum Dress standards as specified by the Management will be adhered to. It is the duty of all members to inform their guests about the dress requirements at the Business Club.

5. Guests:
Person introduced as Guests should be such who are otherwise eligible for Membership of the Club and are of the same status as that of the member. No Member shall introduce to the Club any person whose presence has previously been adjudged by the Management to be undesirable or whose membership has been cancelled for any reason.

6. Add-On Members:
Children of members who are above 18 years and below 32 years of age, financially dependent (eg. Student) on their parents and residing at the same residence may apply for Add-On membership by paying an amount as specified by the management. This membership would only be valid for one year at a time.

Disqualification of Membership:
An individual would cease to become a member under the following circumstances:

  • (a) Non payment of Club subscription for three months after the due date, his/her name would be automatically expunged from the membership of New Town Business Club.
  • (b) If one is found to take away from the Business Club any property except with the permission of the Chairman.
  • (c) If an individual does anything which is not becoming of a member or which constitutes misconduct/ goes against the ethos and club tradition/ rules.
  • (d) Show of mental/ physical violence.
  • (e) Spoiling the decorum of the Club.
  • (f) III treatment to Club staff/ other members
  • (g) Misbehaviour of guests of members.
  • (h) Adverse to follow the minimal dress regulations of the Club
  • (i) Adverse to pay the guest charges over and over again.
  • (j) Taking drugs/ liquor from unauthorised source, at the Club premises.

In case of disputes arising under the above mentioned circumstances The Standing Committee comprising of three officials deputed by NKDA shall give an opportunity( by way of a notice served seven days in advance) to the member whose conduct is called for, to appear in person and explain his/her conduct. In case the member fails to attend the meeting on a given date, the Standing Committee shall act in his/her absence, unless a good cause for inability to be present is given by the member and extension of time for the said meeting is taken beforehand. Such meetings would be recorded.

If the member is found guilty by the Standing Committee he may be suspended for a period of time as specified by the Committee or membership terminated, with or without partial refund of membership fees, after giving an opportunity of hearing by the Standing Committee of NKDA. The Committee shall have full powers and authority and their decision shall be final and binding and cannot be questioned in any manner by the member. The Appellate Authority shall however be the Chairman of NKDA.

The Club management also reserves the right to refuse admission to the Business Club or to eject members or their guests under extreme circumstances. Such cases would also be heard by the Standing Committee at a meeting convened within ten working days.

7. TIMINGS (Club will remain closed on all Mondays)

  • (a) RESTAURANT --- 11 AM TO 10:30 PM (last drink order)
  • (b) CLUB OFFICE --- 11 AM TO 7 PM
  • (c) SWIMMING POOL --- 7 AM TO 9 PM
  • (d) GYM --- 7 AM TO 9 PM
  • (e) TENNIS --- 7 AM TO 9 PM
  • (f) SNOOKER --- 1 PM TO 9 PM
  • (g) DARTS --- 1 PM TO 9 PM
  • (h) KIDS ROOM --- 1 PM TO 9 PM
  • (i) BANQUET HALL --- 8 AM TO 11 PM
  • (j) TERRACE --- 11:30 AM till 10:30 PM
  • (k) STADIUM --- 7 AM TO 9 PM
  • (l) TENNIS COURT --- 7 AM TO 9 PM

8. TARIFF (Plus GST as applicable on taxable amount)

Facilities Members Non Members
Room (single occupancy) Rs. 1180/- Rs. 2000/-
Room (double occupancy) Rs. 1500/- Rs. 3000/-
Banquet Hall
+ (Maintenance)
Rs. 10,000/-
(Rs. 3000/-)
Rs. 30,000/-
(Rs. 3000/-)
Open space (adjoining) Rs. 10000/- Rs. 10000/-
Shyamoli(Next to Big Pool) Rs. 2500/- Rs. 5000/-
Garden Rs. 10000/- Rs. 20000/-
+ (Maintenance)
Rs. 15000/-
(Rs. 3000/-)
Rs. 15000/-
(Rs. 3000/-)
Stadium (10AM to 3PM)
May be given to Corporate Institutions for max three days in a row
Rs. 3085/-
(max 100 guests)
Rs. 3085/-
(max 100 guests)
Stadium VIP Arena (2 hrs) Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-
Skating Rink (7AM to 7PM) Rs. 5000/- Rs. 5000/-
Green Verge 1 or 2 (7AM to 11PM) Rs.40,000/-
(Members get 20% rebate.)
Ayurvedic Spa (12PM to 8:30PM) Rates as given in rate list. Payment to be made at Reception.
Firing Rs 50 for 05 pellets and Rs 20 for the next 5 rds till a max of Rs 90 per person for 05 mins.
Swimming Rs.200/- per head for 2 sessions (for Guests)
Guest Charge per head Rs.50/- for entry in the club premises (without using any facility) Rs.200/- per head for 2 sessions (for Guests)

9. Cancellation Policies (GST would be forfeited)
Before 30 days 10%
Before 15 days 15% of reservation charges
Before 7 days 25% of reservation charges
Within 7 days 50% of reservation charges
On or after schedule date NO REFUND
For Green Verge Booking there would be NO REFUND for 20% Booking Advance give

Green Verge 1and /or 2

(a) More than 3 days – 100% refund of advance
(b) 21 to 29 days – 75% refund of advance
(c) 15 to 20 days - 50% refund of advance
(d) (d) 02 to 14 days – 25% refund of advance
(e) Less than 02 days – No refund of advance
(f) Paid but not used – no refund of advance

Security Deposit --- Rs. 10,000/- (by cheque)
Extra Time Permission Fee --- Rs. 2000/- per hour after 11PM
Charges for outside audio system(max-65db) & Video-graphy --- Rs. 600/-
Music System (Club) hiring charges --- Rs. 900/-
Electricity charges for Halogen (>2) --- Rs 300 each (max 2)

11. DO's & DON'TS
(a) Do's :-

  • - Do carry your membership card.
  • - Members shall always accompany their guests
  • - Be polite to one another and the staff & speak softly.
  • - Be smartly dressed.
  • - All occupants to submit Aadhaar/voter card copy to Receptionists before occupying Club Guest rooms.
  • - Do observe the rules and regulations of the Club.
  • - Please maintain decorum at the Business Club.
  • - Do read all the regulations as specified by the Business Club and as appended in attached appx.

(b) Don'ts :-
  • - Do not enter the Bar if below 21 years of age. Vehicles of any type and Scooter/ Bi-Cycle/ Tri-Cycles/ Perambulators are not allowed within the Club premises. Child, less than one year of age may be carried in the arm of the parent. Domestic Help etc of the members are not allowed in theRestuarant. In case accompanying a child the Kid's room she should use the stairs at the rear of the main building. Spitting/Chewing Gutkha or Paan Masala etc is strictly prohibited.
  • - Pets & Animals are not allowed in the Club. No indiscipline or nuisance or inappropriate behaviour inside the Club will be accepted. If any visitor commits indiscipline or nuisance, he/she will be forced to leave the Club and Authority may discontinue his/her membership. Guests of different sexes and not related, are not permitted in the same rooms. Photography in and around the Swimming Pools are strictly prohibited. Please do not talk loudly / swear in the Business Club premises so as to disturb other members.

Do not argue with the trainer/staff/ management if aggrieved please put your suggestions/complaints in the Register kept at the Reception or mail or call Tele : 83350 37950