Time: 7am to 10am and 3pm to 9pm

DO's and DON'Ts

- With a view to streamline the procedures of utilizing the squash Court the following guidelines have been constituted. Members are requested to adhere to the instructions in letter and spirit and play with camaraderie and co-operation as expected from all respected members of the New Town Business Club.
- Players are requested to observe squash court courtesies as well as rules of good conduct in and around the squash courts.
- Only sportswear and rubber soled non marking heelless shoes or sneakers are allowed. Players have to bring their own gear and equipments.
- Food and gum are not permitted on the squash court.
- Smoking, chewing paan masala etc are strictly prohibited.
- No profanities, yelling or screaming at any time while on court.
- Cell phones must be silenced.
- No skateboards/scooters allowed. Only squash is played on the courts.
- Before starting play, ensure the court is free from hazards (extra balls, cans or other debris).
- No one must bring any valuables. The Authority will not be responsible for any theft/loss of the same or articles like Chappals / Money bags/dress/or any articles whatsoever.
- Spitting or nose-blowing is strictly prohibited.
- Pets are not allowed.
- Whenever there are players waiting, all players must vacate courts after playing for half an hour or one set. Winners shall have no prior rights to remain in the Court. Members who are not playing-will occupy seats in the spectator gallery and not stay back in the court.
- The General Rules and regulations of the Club are also applicable to this facility.
- Any misdemeanour or immoral conduct within the premises or flouting of the rules which vitiates the atmosphere and causes inconvenience to others will be sternly dealt with and the offender will be asked to leave and may also loose his/her membership and all fees paid will be forfeited.
- Please enter details of members and guests in the register before commencement of play.
- Guest charges at Rs.50/- plus GST are to be paid in advance at the Reception before using the Court.
- The Club reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations without prior notice.