In the present day scenario the only place where members or their guests can take out all the stress of the day is at the air rifle firing range at the New Town Business Club. Be it serious firing or casual banter, the New Town Business Club is the only Social Club in West Bengal to provide such facility.

A Shooting range is a specialized facility, designed specially for training and Practice of .177 Air Riffle only. Shooting range is an indoor facility just to rejuvenate mind and Inner soul.

Time: 5pm to 9pm

DO's and DON'Ts

- Treat every gun as if it is loaded and dangerous.
- Only point the gun at the target or towards the target at all times. Never point a gun at an individual/ trainer.
- Mind the trigger- Keep your finger off the trigger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.
- Be Safe- Keep the safety in the ON position and the action door open until you are ready to fire.
- If it is loaded keep the rifle on the table in front / or on your shoulder with the barrel pointing towards the target.
- Always make sure that your weapon is clean and safe to use.
- Know your target.
- Alcohol and Gun powder do not mix. It is absolutely prohibited to bring alcohol into the shooting range or come to the shooting range in an inebriated state.
- Failure to abide by the following rules may result in removal from the facility and denial of future shooting privileges.
- At the firing range listen and obey the instructor in letter and spirit.
- Do not go into any altercation with the Trainer at any time.
- Charges for shooting which is applicable for all is as follows: Rs. 50/- for first 05 rounds followed by a maximum of 02 sets of 05 pellets at Rs. 20/- each set, to be expended within a total of 05 minutes.
- Any unexpended pellet .if any, will be returned to the instructor after the stipulated time. Pellets under no circumstance will be carried by the firer out of the Shooting Range.
- Listen to the Instructor at all times at the Indoor Firing Range.